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We reserve the right to  enter  only custom built aquarium projects greater than R250 000.00 in value . For lower budget systems we would like to believe that between the M-Range and N-Range there are sufficient suitable options . For clients looking to establish very large aquarium installations we are happy to partner up and work closely with appointed architects and interior designers.


Other than not having budget restraints , we are looking for unique design opportunities to work with the materials we most love and understand , glass , light and sea water . Within the confines of a custom built aquarium we have an intimate understanding of and many years of experience in building remote laboratory filtration rooms and life support management systems. 


Production time can range from one month to six months depending on what is required and it is always best to discus design options in the planning phase of the building in order to ensure plumbing , drainage and electrical works are  taken  care of correctly within the super structure. 


We look forward to conceptualizing designs and bringing them forth into inspiring architectural sculpture and hope that your project allows us to produce work that would be a spectacular addition to our existing portfolio . 

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