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Live stock policy :
No exchanges
No refunds
No guarantees
No booking of live stock
Special orders require 100% deposit
DOA special orders will be replaced

Warranty policy , exclusions of warranty and exclusions of liability :
All products are only covered by the suppliers warranty .
No demands by clients to have staff of Phuture Dynamic Systems PTY LTD test , repair , exchange , replace or collect products at the clients premises will be entertained .
At no stage will Phuture Dynamic Systems PTY LTD be held liable by the client to cover costs of maintenance , installation or any other cost that the client could encounter as a direct or indirect use of our products , protocols , practices and or procedures .  
No warranty claims will be handled in store , this includes testing of products , products will be shipped to supplier who in turn will over see the warranty claim No loan products are available during warranty claim periods.
There is no warranty on plumbing fittings and silicone joints There is no warranty on glass .
There is no warranty on Reverse Osmosis membranes and filter cartridges or any cartridge derivatives .  
No warranty claims will be handled without a valid invoice .
No warranty claims will be handled on any products that have been tampered with , modified in any way or have the original plug cut off .
There is no warranty on electronic devices , LED circuitry and LED chips .
No electrical products are warranted against water damage

Advice , diagnosis , suggestions and recommendations :
As a company we only discus process flows and protocols that we employ based on in-depth and extensive research .
At any given stage the client reserves the right to employ and or execute practices and procedures as the client sees fit regarding the care of live stock and equipment .
We will not be held liable for any losses of what ever kind as a result of using our products , practices , procedures , protocols and process flows .
We will not be held liable for any losses occurred   as a result of mis diagnosis .
Our guiding purpose with regards to the sub section above  is to merely to point out , based on our experiences , what the likely or unlikely event , outcome or explanation could be on a specific topic , further we can not be held liable for any losses that could occur as a result of an outcome that proves different , contrary or opposite to what was described .

Cancelations :
No cancelations will be entertained . If for what ever reason a client no longer wishes to continue with an order or no longer wants to take receipt of a system or certain components , the client is still liable for taking delivery of where applicable or collecting , all parts that were paid for and remains liable to pay a handling fee and or labour costs occurred to Phuture Dynamic Systems  and or any other costs encored to that point .  

All special orders less than R150 000.00 ( one hundred and fifty thousand rand ) requires a 100% deposit on materials and labour.

Acknowledgments :
Client acknowledges that the above was sent  out to him / her and or that its content was explained , as understood and intended by Phuture Dynamic Systems .

Client acknowledges that the client has an accurate understanding of the parts included in the system and has a relative understanding of the limitations of the specific system configured .

Client acknowledges that under no circumstances will any products be released without prior payment in full .   

Client acknowledges that under no circumstances will Phuture Dynamic Systems be held liable for any inconvenience , losses suffered , damages or costs encored due to late supplier shipping , courier delays or unavailability of certain parts or components .

Client acknowledges that under no circumstances will Phuture Dynamic Systems be held liable for any inconvenience , losses suffered , damages or costs encored due to products being off due to product failure and or products not running during warranty claims . Clients are therefore strongly recommended to purchase backup  vital components like heaters and circulation / wave pumps .

Special notes :

Trading hours :
Monday to Thursday 9:00 till 17:00
Friday's 9:00 till 12:00 then 14:30 till 17:00 Saturdays 10:30 till 15:00 Sunday's 10:30 till 13:00

Clients are encouraged to call ahead for a scheduled appointment .

After hour visits can be arranged by special appointment .

No after hour call facility is available . All emails , posts and Whatts Apps will be attended to in the course of the following day .

No disputes will be entertained telephonically or on  What's App , email only.

Onsite assistance , maintenance contracts and installations :

We regret that we do not directly offer installation packages  and maintenance contracts  .   We are however able to place clients in contact with individuals who offer this service .

We regret that we are not always able to accept social invitations to visit clients aquariums after installations due to time restraints.

For clients who would feel safer having a Phuture Dynamic Systems staff member examine the aquarium on site after installation and set up , on site consultation could be arranged at R350.00 call out fee and R3200.00 per hour .

Please note the following :

We will not be held liable for any damages , loses , delays or any other form of issues that could arise from dealings with maintenance service providers .

We will not be held liable for any additional call outs that may be required , if for what ever reason , the installation / maintenance service provider is not able to complete the installation in the quoted time . This would include incomplete installation due to product failure , faulty products received in the delivery package . It's imperative  that clients acknowledge that all warranties are in-store only . Clients are therefore urged to discus this possible outcome with installation companies prior to concluding pricing structures . Our suggestion is that clients take on a installation package which includes at least four additional call outs  which would allow maintenance service provider the time to resolve start up issues , fine tuning etc if the client does not want to engage these issues directly .  Clients are also encouraged to query wether service provider offers after hour call outs and queries .  

Clients are liable for arranging insurance on products leaving our store with installation and maintenance service providers .

360 degree maintenance and aftercare program :

We still feel that clients wishing to engage the hobby are able to build better aquarium systems when they are directly involved with the maintenance ( timed and scheduled work done to the aquarium ) and after care ( smaller tasks that involve trouble shooting , tuning and fine setting ) .

Clients could however consider a maintenance contract with a relative service provider who could attend to the maintenance requirements .

Phuture Dynamic Systems has stream lined this process through various process flows and protocols . This is made available to each client on purchase of a M-range system via the M-process and personalized M-process mini .

We are able to offer door to door shipping of all maintenance parts to clients on a monthly basis .

We offer a " maintenance watch program " which allows clients to send in weekly images ( max 3 ) to our Whatts App support number as well as test values . Clients will in turn  receive a comments and suggestions reply and this can be carried over to the maintenance personnel and or considered  by the client directly . WMP costs starts at R99.00 per month.

Larger aquarium installations : ( over R250 000.00 ) We will offer installation supervision and a three month maintenance and after care supervision program after which the client will deal directly with a maintenance service provider . During the installation and 12 week ' start up period ' the site will be visited as agreed upon and as quoted for . Any additional site visits will be subject to standard rates starting from R3550.00 per hour.

Zayn Sibda
Powerlab Systems


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