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Marine aquariums made simple and affordable

Power Lab aquariums are complete systems, meaning no additional equipment or components are required – other than maintenance materials and consumables like foods and test kits.


This means that each element of the design  has been developed in relation to the next – there are no foreign parts that can negatively influence the system as a whole. 

This gives our reef aquarium ranges an advantage over competing brands, such as Red Sea aquariums.

We offer aquarium packages suited to the requirements and budget of most aquarists. 

Marine and Reef Aquarium Systems  are offered as  Base Line, with in-tank filtration, or Reef Line, with external sump.


If you do need support or advice, with our Live Contact service, end users are able to send in aquarium images and test results, and have access to a technician for troubleshooting , general discussions and future planning.

Prices range from under under R2000 for a Molecule Tank to over R85 000 for a sophisticated N-Range aquarium and cabinet.

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